Welcome to the application to be a delegate to the first Better Angels Convention!

June 6-8, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Things to know:

The Convention begins at 4:00 pm EST on Wednesday, June 6

The Convention ends with a concert on Friday night, June 8

Optional training workshops available on Saturday morning, June 9

Delegates arrange and pay for their own transportation

Shuttle service available from and to D.C. airports

A Registration Fee of $250 per person covers accommodations (campus dorms) & food. The registration fee for students is $125. Accepted delegates will have the option of giving an extra $100 to sponsor a student delegate if they choose.

Delegates should plan to attend the entire convention

All Better Angels members are eligible to apply to be delegates

We seek delegates who are active in Better Angels & can help the mission

To achieve political balance in our leadership and work, we ask that delegates declare themselves either red or blue. Better Angels defines “reds” as those who “lean conservative philosophically and tend to support Republicans over Democrats” and “blues” as those who “lean liberal philosophically and tend to support Democrats over Republicans.” We realize that these terms don't do justice to the complexity of individual political viewpoints, but they do help us with the goal of having balance in our leadership.

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